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  • Mqabba became a parish in 1598 and the old church dedicated to St. Basil was used as a parish church till a new church was built in 1699. The present church was severely damaged during the war and restoration work lasted till 1947.

    Parish Population:

    Families: 1,200

  • Parish Church dedicated to the Assumption of St. Mary

    Dedication date 20 May 1774

  • Parish Priest

    Fr John Philip Curmi

  • Parish Office

    35 Church Square,

    Mqabba MQB 1013

  • Office Hours


    7.00 pm – 8.00 pm

  • Telephone

    Office: 21649306

    Home: 21641081

  • Parish Clergy

    • Rev John Curmi, Parish Priest
    • Rev Trevor Fairclough

    Parish Pastoral Council

    President: Rev John Curmi, Parish Priest

    Modereator: Ms Mary Zammit

    Segretary: Ms Josephine Farrugia

  • Holy Masses

    Sundays and Feast Days: 7.00,8.30, 10.00 am; 6.30 pm

    Saturday Evenings: 6.30 pm 

    Weekdays: 6.30, 8.00, 6.00 pm (winter), 6.30 pm (summer)

  • Other Churches

  • St. Basil Church

    The church was built between 1486 and 1515: in the first years of the parish and during the last War it served as a parish church; today it is used for group meetings and conferences. Restoration works were carried out recently.

  • Priest in charge

    Parish Priest

  • St. Catherine Chapel

    Formerly there were two Chapels on the site, one dedicated to St. Peter and the other to St. Catherine. In 1750 the two chapels were demolished by order of the bishop and a chapel dedicated to St. Catherine was built instead.

  • St. Michael Chapel

    The chapel is adjacent to the church of St. Basil and was probably built in 1550 and built again in 1669.

  • Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel

    The chapel dates from the 16th century and was enlarged in 1680. It is open every Friday for the benefit of the faithful who visit the church to pray to Our Lady of Sorrows.

  • The Cemetery Chapel

    The chapel was built in 1910 and dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth.

  • Adoration Chapel

    Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel


    Parish Street, Imqabba

    Opening Hours

    9.00am – 6.00pm