• Attard became a parish in 1575, and the present parish church dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Heaven was built in 1613 by Tommaso Dingli; a century later, in 1718 a belfrey was added to the church.

    Parish Population: 11,000

    Families: 3,300

  • Parish Church of the Assumption

    Dedication date:  7 May 1730

  • Parish Priest

    Rev. Joseph Grech

  • Parish Office

    42, Main Street,

    Attard, ATD 1026

  • Office Hours

    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

    9.00 – 11.30 am; 5.00 – 7.00 pm


    9.00 – 11.00 am

  • Telephone

    Office/Church: 21434949

  • Parish Clergy

    Rev. Joseph Grech – Parish Priest

    Rev. Andrew Schembri – Vice Parish Priest

    Rev. George Mangion

    Rev. George Dalli

    Rev. Andrew Schembri

    Rev. Luigi Agius

    Mons. Alfred Vella

  • Other resident priests in the parish

    Rev. Can. Charles Gauci
    Can. David Cilia
    Rev. André Zaffarese
    Rev. Ronnie ZAmmit

    Parish Pastoral Council

    President: Mr Mario Mamo

    Secretary: Mr Jonathan Apap

    Parish Economic Council

    President: Rev Joseph Grech – Parish Priest

    Secretary: Mr Austin Walker

  • Holy Masses

    Sundays and Feast Days: 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 11.00 am and 6.00 pm

    Sundays and Feast Days (in the Parish Centre): 10.30 and 11.45 am

    Saturday Evenings: 5.15 and 6.30 pm

    Weekdays: 7.00, 7.45, 9.00 am and 6.30 pm

  • Other Churches

  • St Paul’s Church

    Originally it was the parish church; the present structure dates from 1729. It was recently restored and is now being used for Liturgical Celebrations.


    Church of St Anne

    The church is dedicated to St. Roche and was built as a thanksgiving for deliverance from the plague of 1675; the members of the M.U.S.E.U.M. use it today as a centre for teaching christian doctrine.

  • Chapel of St Catherine’s Home

    St. Catherine’s Home was built in 1959 by the Dominican sisters as a hospital; today it is a home for elderly people.

  • Holy Masses

    Sundays and Feast Days: 6.30, 7.45, 10.00 am

    Weekdays: 6.45 am and 6.00 pm

  • Chapel of St Anton Palace

    The Chapel is found in St. Anton Palace, the official residence of the President of Malta.

  • Holy Masses

    Sundays and Feast Days: 9.00 am

    Weekdays: 8.00 am

  • Adoration Chapels

    St John Paul II Pastoral Centre


    Triq il-Knisja, Ħ’Attard

    Opening hours

    Monday – Saturday
    5.30 am – 10.00 pm

    5.30 am – 7.00 pm