Catechetical Commission

  • Catechetical Commission

  • In the light of the importance given to the new evangelisation of the Gospel expected by the Church in today’s world, the Maltese Epsicopal Conference felt it was necessary to create an Interdiocesan Catechetical Commission with an appropriate Statute that was approved on the 4th December, 2009 and which became effective as from the 1st January, 2010.

    The aims of this Commission are:
    (i) to prepare syllabuses and texts for all different levels of catechesis and teaching of the Catholic Religion in schools;
    (ii) to give advice to the Episcopal Conference on pastoral activity where catechesis is cocerned;(iii) to prepare programmes of catechetical formation and animation that can be used in the Maltese Ecclesiastical Province;
    (iv) to implement the directives and recommendations of the Episcopal Conference; and to keep good contacts with other National and Foreign Catechetical Commissions.

  • Archbishop’s Delegate

    Fr Dr René Camilleri